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Mother and Daughter in Zambia. Photo by Joe Molieri / Bread for the World

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Institute Insights is a monthly newsletter from Bread for the World Institute, which provides policy analysis on hunger and strategies to end it. It provides regular reports on Bread for the World Institute’s research and analysis.

This newsletter is sent by email and provides more on the global movement to end hunger by 2030:

  • what’s happening on top immediate concerns like hunger among young children and hunger emergencies
  • who’s working on longer-term issues like food production amid climate change
  • why we can’t end hunger without tackling age-old human problems like conflict and discrimination
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Recent Updates:

April 15 is Tax Day and we're thinking beyond our individual 1040s to taxes and hunger. How are they related?

A tax credit essentially means less tax owed and more income. Tax credits put more money in people's pockets and can help our country's millions of low-wage workers buy groceries and perhaps begin to save for an emergency. Who is helped by the earned-income tax credit (EITC) and the child tax credit (CTC), and can tax credits do more to fight hunger?

Despite complaints, most people in the United States file and pay their taxes. In return, we expect services — everything from fire departments to public schools. Does this arrangement work in other countries? Can they build enough public trust to raise enough of their own resources to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals?

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