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Mother and Daughter in Zambia. Photo by Joe Molieri / Bread for the World

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Institute Insights is a monthly newsletter from Bread for the World Institute, which provides policy analysis on hunger and strategies to end it. It provides regular reports on Bread for the World Institute’s research and analysis.

This newsletter is sent by email and provides more on the global movement to end hunger by 2030:

  • what’s happening on top immediate concerns like hunger among young children and hunger emergencies
  • who’s working on longer-term issues like food production amid climate change
  • why we can’t end hunger without tackling age-old human problems like conflict and discrimination
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About Bread for the World Sunday:

Bread for the World Sunday is an opportunity for your church or community of faith to join with others — in thousands of churches across the country — in living out God's vision of a world without hunger.

Through our prayers for an end to hunger, letters, and phone calls to our nation's leaders, and financial support to Bread of the World, your church can give bold witness to God's justice and mercy in the world.