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Bread members lobby Congress on behalf of hungry people. Photo: Laura Pohl / Bread for the World

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This email newsletter updates Bread for the World activists on hunger-related happenings in Congress. It is aimed at frequent activists. It is produced weekly while Congress is in session.

Each issue provides updates on the legislation related to the issues that Bread is working on, including:

  • child nutrition in the U.S.
  • international poverty-focused development assistance
  • food-aid reform
  • mass incarceration
  • the federal budget

Each issue is designed as a quick, easy-to-read update that touches on the latest legislative actions, what’s coming up, and actions activists can take.

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Highlights from Recent Issues of Fresh Bread

Budget & Appropriations

The measure funding the federal government runs out on Dec. 8. The House passed a budget resolution on Oct. 5 that proposes deep cuts to programs that serve people experiencing hunger. Budget resolutions are non-binding but set overall spending levels for the upcoming fiscal year, and can also set up fast-track processes for spending cuts or tax code changes.

The Senate Budget Committee passed its budget resolution on Oct. 5, which included budget reconciliation instructions that would trigger tax reform and a proposed $1.5 trillion in tax cuts. The House and Senate are expected to work together in late October to sort out their differences.

Historically, large tax cuts often lead to detrimental cuts to programs like SNAP, humanitarian and development assistance, and other key programs that protect people experiencing hunger.

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