Rev. Eugene Cho is president of Bread for the World. Have Faith, End Hunger.
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Rev. Eugene Cho
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Dear Friends,

On July 1, 2020, I began my new role as President and CEO of Bread for the World—a collective Christian advocacy organization that urges our nation's decision makers to change the policies and programs that allow hunger and poverty to persist.

Since my election by Bread's board of directors in March 2020, the world has dramatically changed in ways that none of us could have imagined because of a global health pandemic, protests around the realities of racial injustice and police brutality, and the subsequent righteous anger that has rocked our nation and the world. We've also seen unemployment skyrocket to unprecedented numbers.

As I serve in this role, I'm deeply honored; but if I'm honest, deeply burdened as well. I can't do this work alone.

I invite you to come alongside me as I take on this new role. Your partnership is so meaningful and important to me.


Prayer is what sustains us during both our darkest and our brightest hours. Please pray with me for:

  • Wisdom and leadership. My hope and vision are to continue Bread's work of ending hunger in our nation and around the world. I seek to deepen Bread's commitment to our identity as a Christian organization through an initiation of the ways of Christ, our dependence on the Holy Spirit, and a deep pursuit of the Kingdom of God.
  • Humility and courage as I serve Christ through my leadership at Bread. Pray that I remain humble, grounded, and empathetic. While Bread is not a partisan organization, we engage politics, policy makers, and lawmakers. I'm entering one of the most challenging times in modern American politics and ask for wisdom and leadership to navigate our goals of advocating for the humanity and dignity of those who are vulnerable in our nation and around the world.
  • My family. We will be making a transition from Seattle to Washington, D.C., in the coming year. Pray for the move, for new friendships and community, and for health and flourishing in our marriage and extended family.
  • Bread for the World. Whenever you say, "Give us this day our daily bread," let it represent a prayer for an end to hunger. By doing so, we participate in God's work of caring for all people in need.


Bread for the World is most successful when we join our voices together to end hunger and bear witness to God's love and compassion for all people in need. Put your faith into action and become a Bread member by:


When you give to Bread for the World, your gift is multiplied. Every dollar you give to support our advocacy helps secure hundreds of dollars in lifesaving assistance for families in the United States and around the world. When you donate, you also become a Bread member.

Make a monthly donation through our Baker’s Dozen program and make a sustained commitment to help end hunger.

You can also make a one-time donation to Bread for the World.

Thank you so much for choosing to partner with me in this new chapter of my ministry and leadership.

Together for the whole Gospel,

Rev. Eugene Cho is President/CEO of Bread for the World and Bread for the World Institute

Rev. Eugene Cho
President/CEO, Bread for the World

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