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The Evangelical Declaration captures many of our shared convictions about the proper role of government in empowering those who live in poverty. We hope the declaration booklet serves as a catalyst for continued dialogue on this important subject.

We affirm that governments have an important role to play in the protection and development of people. As an expression of our love for others, especially the poor, we seek maximum effectiveness of foreign assistance and related policies, on behalf of those people whose protection and development is the claimed objective of such efforts."  – from The Declaration

Consider signing the Declaration in one of two ways:

  • Organizations may sign with the organization name and authorizing representative name and title.

  • Individuals may sign using solely their professional title, or use organization for affiliation purposes only.

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For questions or clarifications, please contact Krisanne Vaillancourt Murphy: kmurphy@bread.org


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Download the declaration

This statement is a public document; therefore, we welcome signers beyond those who participated in the Consultation at Wheaton.

We hope this booklet continues the important dialogue started at the Consultation in meaningful ways within a broad array of evangelical networks. Copies may be ordered free of charge.