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"Hunger for the Word / Lectionary Reflections on Food and JuHunger for the Word:
Lectionary Reflections of Food and Justice

Year B

Using insights, images, and stories from pastors, professors and lay people who are active in anti-hunger campaigns, this ecumenical book offers themes to help in our struggle to understand and eliminate injustice. With weekly sermon/homily reflections, suggestions for musical worship and ideas for children’s sermons, Hunger for the Word is an invaluable resource for pastors, liturgical ministers and those interested in justice-oriented Bible study and spiritual growth.

"The old evangelical counsel to 'keep the Bible and the newspaper together' is wondrously practiced in this helpful volume. These writers know that the crisis our culture faces is 'on the table' in worship and in the preaching of the church. These expositions intend to stiffen the spine of the church for its bold testimony." – Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary

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