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Hunger Report 2012 Cover

Hunger Report 2012
Rebalancing Act: Updating U.S. Food and Farm Policies

The 2012 Hunger Report analyzes the effectiveness of U.S. food and farm policies in reducing hunger and malnutrition in the United States and in countries that receive U.S. food aid and development assistance.

Eliminating hunger is well understood as a main objective of U.S. food and farm policies, but current policies have not ensured that people in poverty have access to the kinds of foods they need for good health and a lifetime of productivity. Poor nutrition and poor health contribute to the cycle of poverty.

Normally, change in food and farm policies occurs incrementally. The 2012 Hunger Report calls for bolder, more determined thinking about how U.S. food and farm policies can meet the global and domestic challenges of the 21st century, especially as Congress considers the next Farm Bill.

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