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"Getting Ready to Come Back: Advocacy Guide for Mission TeamGetting Ready to Come Back: 
Advocacy Guide for Mission Teams

Short-term mission trips can be life-changing experiences. However, while many groups spend hours preparing for their international trip, few give any thought to what happens when they return. Successful mission trips are the ones where the group contemplates ahead of time how to continue their ministry upon coming home.

Getting Ready to Come Back: Advocacy Guide for Mission Teams provides tools to help youth and adults prepare for the trip, reflect on the mission experience, and take action upon returning back home, so that anyone can become a lifelong advocate in partnership with poor and hungry people everywhere. 

This spiral-bound volume, which is sized to fit easily in a backpack, leads participants through sessions before, during, and after their trip.   Getting Ready to Come Back will support and encourage mission teams to engage in advocacy as informed Christian citizens to continue their mission experience.

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