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Hunger Report 2014

Hunger Report 2014
Ending Hunger in America

The 2014 Hunger Report: Ending Hunger in America calls on the president to set a national goal to end hunger and poverty in the United States by 2030 and to work with Congress to develop a plan to get the job done.

2030 is not an arbitrary date. Although most of this report is about ending hunger in the United States, it also calls on the U.S. government to work within the international community to forge a unified and universal set of global development goals to follow the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), whose deadline is December 2015. A post-MDG agreement is very likely to include a specific goal to end hunger in all countries by 2030.

As the MDGs have shown, setting goals is an effective way to activate political will. The United States and other developed countries contributed to the success of the MDGs as donors, but the MDGs did not call for donor nations to reduce hunger and poverty at home as it did for developing countries. The post-MDG goals should be universal, requiring every country to effectively end hunger and poverty. Setting a goal to end hunger in the United States along with the momentum and sense of purpose created by global development goals would help the United States make more rapid progress.

This Hunger Report offers a four-part plan to end hunger in the United States: 1) a jobs agenda, 2) a stronger safety net, 3) human capital development, and 4) public-private partnerships to support innovative community-led initiatives against hunger. The report also calls on the U.S. government to support international efforts to end hunger and poverty worldwide.

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