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Hunger Report 2013
Within Reach: Global Development Goals

In 2015, leaders are expected to decide on a new set of global development goals to succeed the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The 2013 Hunger Report calls for a redoubling of efforts in the next three years—a final push—to meet the MDG targets. Extraordinary progress has been made in countries in every region, and it is possible to replicate these achievements in many more nations. A strong finish on the MDGs will create momentum and support for the next set of global goals.

The 2013 Hunger Report proposes that the next global development goals include a bull's-eye focus on ending hunger and poverty. It calls on the United States to actively engage in the discussions  under way of the "post-2015 agenda" and to help form a global consensus around a goal to end hunger and poverty. Presidential leadership will be critical. The release of the report just after the presidential election makes this an opportune time to get these issues on the agenda.

The report looks at how the MDGs have affected our thinking about poverty reduction and global development and outlines current and future challenges to making further progress. Meeting those challenges will depend on strong leadership, effective institutions, and partners committed to working together. The MDGs have heightened our awareness of how important partnerships are in achieving rapid progress against hunger and poverty—partnerships between developed, emerging, and developing country governments as well as between governments and civil society.

The Hunger Report argues that the new global development goals should apply to every country and that each country should set its own context-specific goals. As the MDGs have shown, setting goals is an effective way to activate political will. Poverty and hunger are absolutely unnecessary in developed countries such as the United States. The report calls on the president to set a national goal to end hunger and poverty in the United States. 

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